Williams extend Mercedes engine partnership to 2025 at least

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By Andrew Benson
Chief F1 author
Williams will use Mercedes engines in Formula 1 at least until 2025.
The group committed to Mercedes for next year, have signed a new arrangement for the five years.
Since finishing third in 2014 and 2015, williams have declined, their initial two seasons together along with Mercedes later engines came to F1.
They are on course for precisely exactly the identical position this season and finished in 2018, however they expect a technical section restructure will rekindle fortunes.
Williams deputy team leader Claire Williams said:”Mercedes has been among the game’s most prosperous engine providers and we believe they’ll continue to get a very competitive engine package going forward.
“Over our time together with them they have come to be a real friend of the team.”
New rules are aimed at making the grid more competitive. A funding cap has been agreed, while new technical rules to allow racing are being finalised before teams to agreeing a more equitable revenue divide, and the sport’s bosses move on.
“Williams is one of the iconic manufacturers in F1,” said Mercedes motorsport manager Toto Wolff.
“They have been through some challenging times lately but that’s only served to demonstrate their durability and strength of character as they battle right back to where they belong on the grid.
“I’m sure that the prognosis for individual teams is glowing under the financial regulations that’ll be released from 2021 and we are thrilled to continue our partnership Williams into that new era of our sport.”
The poor performance from a team which dominated big swathes of 1990s and the 1980s has struck on the team . This weekthey posted a loss of #16.8m to the initial six months of the year, which has been attributed to decreased prize money and the loss of some sponsorship income.
Chief executive Mike O’Driscoll said:”Though we continue to face challenges in a really busy environment, we believe the vast majority of the effect on EBITDA [earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation] for the entire year has been captured in these interim outcomes.
“We continue to believe we are well placed to react to the challenges with world-class facilities plus a strong and talented organisation”
On the driver front, Williams have a contract with British newcomer George Russell to last into next season.
They have not decided on another driver, using Robert Kubica and reserve driver Nicolas Latifi both in with a prospect of the seat.
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