Will Greenwood’s podcast: Jamie Carragher asks ‘Is Warren Gatland Wales’ Jose Mourinho?’

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville Join with our team with Carragher likens Warren Gatland into Jose Mourinho and this week Can Greenwood Rugby podcast.

The Monday Night Football duo start by flying by using their predictions to the outcomes of each Rugby World Cup pool and then sight runners-up and their swimming pool champions.
The predictions remain quick and thick and onto semi-finals that are potential, landing at Ireland taking on England assembly arch-rivals Wales and New Zealand.
Carragher throws his support behind Wales due to a single man’s influence specifically.
“It is Gatland you visit. He is a top trainer, the Lions coach,” notes Carragher, who then ponders to a possible New Zealand vs Wales closing.
“New Zealand-Wales [in the final], I will go with that! I think that New Zealand would do them.
“To be fair, the Lions did not shed, did they? To New Zealand. [Gatland] acquired a draw over there”
With Greenwood being impressed with Neville nous and Carragher’s, the tables were flipped by the former England international onto a familiar subject – football managers. The issue is, which one would Gatland function like?
“He’s stubborn isn’t he? With Warren Ball… is he Enormous Sam?!” Carragher pondered with a smile and a grin.
“You know everything, I’d say Jose Mourinho. He gets results”
After running the ruler over West Ham and Manchester City – Rupert along with Greenwood Cox’s beloved groups – attentions return into the Rugby World Cup.
Our set reflect on’Wales’ Mourinho’ and they discuss their very own in-depth ideas through the podcast, even when it comes to the essential tournament talking points.
Following the Welsh legend was forced to show his HIV diagnosis and speak about exactly what his disclosure can do for perceptions, they share their service for Gareth Thomas.
Eventually, Ulster back Will Addison combines on the telephone and us enlighten .
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