Usyk vs Witherspoon: Oleksandr Usyk is a threat but what did we learn about his heavyweight hopes?

There was a little graze under the eye of Oleksandr Usyk to be worried about, however, something that might be food for thought for the heavyweight elite.
Novel Taylor-Prograis and Chisora-Price
The new kid on the block, former cruiserweight champion Usyk, successfully debuted as a heavyweight but exactly what could Anthony Joshua Wilder and co workers think of his operation?
There are reasons, and now the very first pieces of evidence, to think Usyk is currently one of the best heavyweights, only 1 struggle in the latest chapter of a glory-laden career which has already brought him Olympic gold, the World Boxing Super Series and each major belt in cruiserweight.
But there are also chinks in the armour, so his new competitions will think. The Joshuas along with the Wilders will smell blood.
Usyk forced him to retire after the first round, out-boxed him and toyed night at Chicago. Within a year of heavyweight fights, where Andy Ruiz Jr failed the Fury that is hopeless then Tyson had to defeat a poor cut to conquer Otto Wallin, it turned out to be a welcome stress-free nighttime for the challenger in the division.
However, like a high-stakes poker player Usyk disclosed more info about himself, or might have revealed the winners his hands, exactly the kind that and prediction and fuels disagreement means hell dominate one-handed or inevitably get pumped out.
He will not be a puncher at this weight, that is clear. Witherspoon, a 38-year-old who accepted his biggest struggle on a few days notice, took a peppering but never struck on the deck. He had been made to stay sat on his stool however the kitchen sink drove at him in the final stages and could not knock him on.
Krzysztof Glowacki, Mairis Breidis, Michael Hunter and murat Gassiev were out-boxed and outpointed although not knocked from Usyk. Lumps at the division wont fear his force.
David Haye stated pre-fight:He isnt a one-punch specialist, he throws clusters of cries. He is a southpaw so is catchy to hit clean. He yells from various angles.
This will be enough to beat 90 percent of heavyweights but whether he can do it against someone whos 66 remains to be seen.
What this means is that the punching heavyweights, such as Wilder and Joshua, will understand they have 12 rounds to land one punch that is good, whereas Usyk has to box and move perfectly for 36 minutes with no any malfunction.
His chin is present in the air sometimes and if that continues then it might have caught, prior foe Tony Bellew said beforehand.
Witherspoon marked his face, with some hurtful although desperate counter-punches , and found Usyks chin. This is par for the course since Usyk experience unfolds but absorbing these shots from the branchs elite or from Witherspoon is not the same ball game.
Landing that shot is going to be hard because hes such a dazzling defensive fighter, but I think if youre able to discover the goal then there is a fantastic possibility he can move, said Bellew.
Usyk is bargaining on his ability to maneuver in and out to reach and not be hit.
If he becomes world champion that means, he will have to do it in a way that nobody else in todays age has completed.
Weighing below the indicate that is 16st hell routinely concede two gems of weight into his opponent, however fighters such as Wilder and Haye who weigh a comparable amount had punch ability to rival anybodys. Usyk does not.
Witherspoon wilted as a result of strain exerted by Usyks never-ending movement that gave him the opportunity avoid and to punch a response.
What can Usyk learn from the past? Haye won his debut then beat Nikolai Valuev to become world champion. Evander Holyfield, the cruiserweight champion to win heavyweight goldhad six fights in the division. Usyk wants to trace the instance of Haye.
I am readyhe said about cashing in his compulsory opportunity in the WBO title that Andy Ruiz Jr will first defend against Anthony Joshua on December 7, now live on Sky Sports Box Office.
The elite will probably lick their lips in the notion of seeing how he responds to real pain and analyzing Usyks chin. The worry, for these, is that they cant lay a glove with this fascinating and eccentric competition.

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