The Complete 2018 Miss Universe Betting Guide, Odds, Props and Preview

On December 16th, the 67th annual Miss Universe pageant will be live from Impact, Muang Thong Thani in Bangkok, Thailand. The global event will begin at 7 PM ET and televised on FOX at america. Steve Harvey is back as the host along with Ashley Graham and specialist analysts Carson Kressley and Lu Sierra.
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This is the third time that Bangkok has hosted the Miss Universe Pageant. In 1965 and 1988, this year’s host state of Thailand won the coveted crown. They’re looking to capture the Miss Universe crown for a third period, but are facing some serious competition.
This 2018 record of entries has put an all-time listing as contestants from 94 distinct countries are expected to take part in the pageant. As you can imagine, with this many contestants, the gambling field is quite large. Without further delay, let’s examine the Miss Universe betting odds, prop bets and make a few predictions.
2018 Miss Universe Prop Bets
After browsing through some of the top online betting sites, the following is a list of the most popular Miss Universe prop bets courtesy of MyBookie:
How Old Will the 2018 Miss Universe Be?
More than 23.5 years old (-120)
Beneath 23.5 years old (-120)
The initial two Miss Universe pageants (1952-53) crowned 17-year-old winners. Ever since then, every one of the winners have been 18 or older. The oldest contestant to acquire was 26 years old which has been performed twice: in 1997 as Brook Lee from the USA won and in 2015 when Pia Wurtzbach in the Philippines won.
From the 66 past competition, we have the following breakdown of ages for winning contestants:
17 years old: two times
18 years old: 15 days 19 years old: 11 times 20 years old: 12 times 21 years old: 5 times
22 years old: 8 times
23 years old: 4 instances 24 years old: 4 times 25 years old: 3 times
26 years old: 2 times
It must be said that in 2002, the first ever Russian winner was eventually dethroned. She was 24 years old and also the runner-up that was 23 years old took over as Miss Universe.
As you can see, the amount of contestants 23 and below to win the pageant is a lot more different than 24 and elderly at nearly a 6-to-1 ratio (57 to 9). It was only in 1961 (the 10th pageant) that someone over 23 years old won the Miss Universe crown.
With this wager, I’m really shocked the Beneath of 23.5 does not have bigger odds considering the number of contestants 23 years old and under have won this pageant. If you add up all of the ages for your winners and divide by the total amount of pageants, you receive a normal age of roughly 21.4 years old.
But as 2010, there have been 4 winners who were 24 years old and over.
Considering the participants in this year’s contest, we have the following age breakdowns:
18 years old: 6 contestants
19 years old: 5 contestants
20 years old: 9 contestants
21 years old: 7 contestants
22 years old: 14 contestants
23 years old: 14 contestants
24 years old: 15 contestants
25 years old: 8 contestants
26 years old: 5 contestants
27 years old: 9 contestants
28 years old: two contestant
This year, we have 39 of those 94 contestants age 24 and above. That leaves us with 55 contestants age 23 and younger. 43 of the competitions are right from the 22 to 24 age category, which is a good reason oddsmakers have the O/U in 23.5 years of age. The typical age for that year’s contestants is 22.8 years of age.
With all of the data pointing to the Under, I am really taking the Over for this wager and here is why:
In accordance with BetOnline, the top 5 favorites are 23 and elderly.
4 of the top 5 Miss Universe gambling favorites are 24 and over.
Even two of the other popular selections (Australia and Spain) are 24 and 27 years old.
With the average age of this year’s contestants only under 23 yrs old (22.8) and 6 of the top 7 favorites being 24 and elderly, I am carrying the Over 23.5 wager at -120 with this bet.

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