Parlays & Teasers Explained

What Are Parlays?

A parlay refers to a bet that includes multiple games. To acquire the parlay all areas of the bet need to win. When you wager two (or more) games simultaneously, your odds of success are smaller, but your payouts become larger.

With a parlay, you can add any sort of bet (bets against the spread, moneyline bets, over/under betting, etc.). If you produce a parlay using four games, but just three of your picks win, your parlay loses and you concede your bet. Parlay bets are occasionally known as multi stakes or a number of stakes.

For example, if you believe the Patriots will cover the spread against the Chiefs in Week 1 and also want the Packers to beat the Seahawks the same week, it is possible to combine those two bets into one. You’ll want to win both bets to see a return on your investment, nevertheless.

Every bookmaker has their own limit on the number of matches you can add to a single parlay.

What Can Not You Parlay?
While building your parlay bet gives you nearly unlimited betting freedom, most sportsbooks have any restrictions on what you can events you can not put within one parlay.

At virtually every sportsbook, you won’t be allowed to parlay the moneyline and the spread of the identical game. Doing so exposes sportsbooks to more possible monetary loss than they are willing to carry on. The logic behind this is that you can’t parlay events which are linked, since the moneyline and spread obviously are.

The same logic applies to parlays. If the outcome of a single choice in your parlay is partly connected to a different, your sportsbook isn’t likely to allow you to parlay them. For instance, if you’re betting on Winnipeg Jets to acquire their Western Conference Playoff Finals, you can not parlay this wager with the Jets winning the Stanley Cup.

Last, it’s rare that sportsbook will let you parlay first half/first quarter squares or sides with complete game sides or totals.

Obviously, there’s absolutely no definitive answer for what all online sportsbooks will or won’t let you do when it comes to making parlay stakes. No two online sportsbooks are wholly alike, and what’s restricted at one book might be allowed at another. Always be sure to read the stipulations of this sportsbook you have elected to gamble before proceeding with your own softball.

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