Lewis Hamilton says Ferrari now ‘very hard to beat’ after latest win

Lewis Hamilton supposes Mercedes are likely to find it”difficult to beat” rejuvenated Ferrari in F1’s forthcoming races – but has backed the world champions to climb into the renewed challenge.
To get a course, against all pre-weekend expectations in Singapore that needs high downforce – a sensed 2019 Ferrari weakness – the Scuderia finished first and second in Sunday’s race to extend their winning run – their best order for 11 years.
The latest championship standings
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For the second time in the last six seasons, Mercedes have suffered three successive defeats that were race-day as a result.
And together with Ferrari now having found a breakthrough with their car on paths which do not require horsepower – the established strength of that the SF90 – Hamilton is currently anticipating a consistent struggle.
“I’m a realist, therefore I see the problem we are in and they have only come up with some sort of upgrade that’s possibly put their auto… maybe they’ve had a good car all year and it simply wasn’t working in the ideal window,” said Hamilton on Sunday night.
“Who knows, since it’s unlikely they’ve brought a gigantic, massive update that is brought 20-30 points [of downforce] to a thing that performance-wise is likely what you would expect they’ve accepted here.
“But obviously their car works really well everywhere today so it’s likely to be very difficult to conquer them, especially as they are so quick on the straights. We can’t compete on the straights at the moment.”
Mercedes must’pull up our socks’
Despite Ferrari run, Hamilton and Mercedes’ winning kind prior to the August summer break means that they stay on track.
Hamilton actually extended his title lead into 65 points, while Leclerc, Ferrari writer, will be 96 points adrift with 156 points to play for over the last six races.
“We have won before with not the best auto but it’s really how we deliver over the weekend.
“At this time they’re providing better in the operations area. Direct and I did enough in the race in the first stint to emerge but the entire procedures didn’t get the job done and it should do. So we’ve just got to re-huddle, return together, work hard and proceed forwards.”
The world champion added:”Obviously it’s got tighter and tighter as the year has gone on, we work on that, but in precisely exactly the same time we have just got to do a much better job.
“We’re doing such a excellent job at the beginning of the year plus we have this gap, but the gap could certainly go. I am under no illusions, my gap in the tournament – it’s not won yet.
“We’ve got to pull our socks up. We can do. But we lose and win as a team and most of us don’t feel good right now.”
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