CS:GO pros preview ECS Season 8 Finals

It is nearly the end of the Attack and here is everything you may expect from day one of the ECS Season 8 Finals — previewed by the players.
On among North Americas greatest, Evil Geniuses, the Berlin Major runner ups will be taking up first, to kickstart the group stages.
EG, that are ranked number 2, have had their ups and downs this year and after failing to appear at events, TarikTarik Celik admits the lack of consistency has been an issue because of his side.
He explained:We have been very inconsistent, doing nicely in 1 occasion and bombing out in the following. Its unacceptable that and because we want to uphold ourselves.
Even going to this occasion its a fairly significant one for us. The last couple have been tough so were hoping we could turn things around. Its only an issue of making a consistent system inside the group thats something we are working .
His trainer, ChetImAPet Singh goes to details regarding why they have appeared sloppy but reckons they have a fair chance against AVANGAR.
He told Sky Sports:We have not had opportunities to exercise as much since everyones schedules have been very busy. We are attempting to practice as much as we could so we could be as prepared as we maintain our soul and could be.
We have not jumped to the new area so were not really sure how we will perform. We are not as ready as we must be although obviously well get an opportunity prior to the match against AVANGAR.
Id say AVANGAR really are a pretty good team, when we played them in the Important they were really on stage. They take a good deal of dangers and gambles but so long as we show up it should be a fairly fair game for people.
AVANGAR have seen vast improvements to their own performances this year and their Rifler Alexeyqikert Golubev feels optimistic about.
He said:In general, this year has been pretty great for all of us. We inserted SANJI and AdreN to our roster and I liked having them playing with them. So I think it turned out to be a great year 18, we made it into the final you know. I have really enjoyed this season but its still important to appear at ECS, it is not done yet.
Arguably one of the most exciting matches of the evening goes into Team Liquid v Ninjas in Pyjamas. Both sides met in Copenhagen as well as the surprise of most, NiP came out at the top, something Simontwist Eliasson considers can be duplicated at ECS.
He explained:Obviously I think we will be able to beat them again after Copenhagen. No, we are not really frightened of them. Weve been putting out a few strong performances and I believe weve got what is needed to win the entire tournament. I feel confident because weve been practising really well
Liquids JakeStewie2k Yip considers theyre still one of those favourites, not only for their opening match against NiP but at the tournament.
He explained:Id say that were one of the favourites going into this championship with no cocky or anything like that. I think we are on top and the only group thats looking good is Astralis. Our confidence is pretty high today, there are a good deal of teams we actually want to play such as MiBR, EG and especially Astralis – we would like to meet them in the final.
The best CS:GO team Astralis, of all time, are also competing in the ECS S8 finals in the hopes of winning yet another function.
However, they werent able to help it in ECS London in Spring to which their coach Danny zonic Sorensen admits was due to a lack of preparation back out of Groups.
He told Sky Sports:It has been a great season for us clearly during the Spring wed little downfall. It was important for me that after we won the important we took it a bit slow because I could see that some of the gamers were becoming exhausted although it wasnt intended.
For us, it is about winning the most prestigious awards therefore that it was about preparing for Berlin. Unfortunately ECS London dropped into a period where we didnt put into our training and boot camping as much work as we could have. It turned out to be a time for everybody although it was just poor timing, we go into every tournament acquire and to try it.
From an objectives perspective, I feel as if we are better suited to this tournament. Weve got more energy after the summer that was really great for us. However, this is going to be a challenging tournament with a few difficult opponents we are just preparing for our match against Sharks.
When it came to their match against Sharks, despite being the favourites, Astralis literary leader Lukasgla1ve Rossander reckons it wont be a simple feat.
He explained:Im not too certain if its going to be easy, should you take a look at Sharks, they have been winning against groups like Team Liquid. So I believe its likely to be a match that is fairly exciting, Im not too sure because of all the changes – its likely to be quite good to play against them. Last time we lost against Furia and now well be carrying on a different Brazilian team hopefully we simply take some type of revenge I guess.
Last but not least, Brazilian side MIBR will have the task of trying to shoot down Fnatic and after their performance at the Asia Championship, MIBR have a fantastic probability of providing them a run for their money.
Like Astralis, MIBR struggled at Epitacio although ECS LondonTACO de Melo insists theyre a brand new team.
He said:We had a very different lineup at ECS London than the one weve got now so were not actually thinking about the previous ECS. Weve got different chemistries today with all the roster so we are really confident at the work we have been putting in in the previous week so that Id say we are coming in new for the championship.
MIBR have left a few roster changes including Vito kNgV – Giusepe who believes his side have what it takes to conquer Fnatics addition.
He said:We are pretty sure to move up against Fnatic. Yes, they are the favourite but we ready for them. Theyre able to have the odds in their favour but its all about the best team winning from the server on the day so were prepared for them.

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