Cricket World Cup final drama never to be repeated after ICC super over change

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Following the border countback rule has been abolished in ICC events england win over New Zealand from the 2019 World Cup closing will not be replicated.
After both sides hit on 15 from the super over – a one-over shootout – England won because they had scored more boundaries in the game.
The super over from the semi-finals and finals will now be repeated until a team has scored more than the other.
Group matches are going to have super over also.
The match is going to be a lure In the event the over, which previously only applied in the game phases, is tied at the group stage then.
The ICC stated the super over isa thrilling and engaging conclusion into the match and will stay in position covering all matches at the ODI and T20I World Cups.
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Also leading to the ICC board meeting in Dubai, prize money for ICC womens events will soon probably be increased by $2.6m (#2.1m).
In the Womens T20 World Cup in Australia next year, the winners and runners will currently receive $1m (Number 795,000) and $500,000 (#397,900) respectively; 5 times the sum on offer in 2018.
For the Womens World Cup at 2021, the decoration pot increases to $3.5m (#2.78m) from the 2m (#1.59m) when England earned in 2017.
The board approved the introduction of an Under-19 Womens T20 World Cup, using the very first edition to be performed later at 2021 and every two years in Bangladesh.
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