Can Rick Simpson Oil Treat Cancer?

Can Rick Simpson Oil Treat Cancer?

Rick Simpson oil (RSO) is a cannabis oil product. It absolutely was manufactured by Rick Simpson, a canadian marijuana activist that is medical.

RSO differs from a large amount of other cannabis natural oils given that it contains greater amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is actually the psychoactive that is main in marijuana that gets individuals “high.” Other healing cannabis natural oils have a tendency to include a cannabinoid called cannabidiol (CBD) and little if any THC. In addition, Rick Simpson does sell RSO n’t. Alternatively, he encourages to people to produce their very own utilizing their practices.

Keep reading for more information on the ongoing health claims behind RSO and whether or not it lives up to the buzz.

The claim that is main RSO is it treats cancer tumors. After Simpson had been clinically determined to have cancer of the skin in 2003, he started using RSO to your malignant spots on their face and throat. In accordance with Simpson, the spots healed within a days that are few.

In accordance with Rick Simpson’s internet site, RSO is manufactured out of a particular form of cannabis called Cannabis indica, which produces an effect that is sedative assists the human body heal.

As well as cancer, RSO is believed to also treat:

Rick Simpson dec >study that tested the usage cannabinoids in mice with lung cancer tumors. The research discovered that both THC and another cannabinoid called cannabinol (CBN) slowed down the development of lung cancer tumors in mice.

Since that time, there’s been a large amount of research cell that is involving and animal models that consider the outcomes of cannabinoids on cancer tumors development.

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